Building A Better Web

Pragmatic and thoughtful solutions are what drive work each day. Think abstractly and work pragmatically to create easily maintainable & modular Atomic Design systems, thoughtful prototypes, smooth interface interactions, and progressive SVG systems & animations.

The Work

  • Modular Development

    Building & studying an interface from a molecular level helps to ensure that each component of a system can travel across a wide range of scenarios that remain reusable and endure the test of time. View our case studies.

  • Interaction & Motion

    Produce a product with great motion design and ensure your users' interaction is just as thoughtful and meaningful. By examining and fine tuning motion and movement your users will fall in love and not even realize why. View our case studies.

  • Consulting

    Does your team or your business have a need to discuss a subject with someone more knowledgeable? Helping to ensure you have the best access to the right answers is where the help begins. Get In Touch.

The Methods

  • See The Big Picture

    Where most see pages we see a set of systems. Systems that work together across various locations that when combined, form a moving and functioning organism. We take a step back and look at the project from a larger point of view to gain an understanding of objectives for both you and your intended audience. Get In Touch.

  • Role Casting

    Having an abundant network of connections is why we work with a variety of sources that match your needs. Some describe working with different entities much like role casting; the right person is always chosen to fit with the project requirements. Some companies hide behind indy contracts when work is produced through a collaborative effort, but when we pick the right team members you know each one by name and discuss your concerns with them directly throughout the duration of your project. Get In Touch.

The Testimonials

Working with Gray Ghost Visuals was a pleasure. They got exactly what I had in mind and went the extra mile to make sure the result would be amazing! It made for a great CSS-Tricks article as well.

Avatar of Jonno Riekwel Jonno RiekwelPolyon

I admire Gray Ghost Visuals' ability to push the boundaries of their work using an iterative approach to development when most people want pages!

Avatar of Gregor KcKelvie Gregor KcKelvieTracks

I love working with Gray Ghost Visuals because they're fearless when speaking up in order to arrive at a better method of solving the problem. They are knowledgable, quick, and meticulous with their work.

Avatar of Christopher Kennedy Christopher KennedyKennedys Garage

Gray Ghost Visuals is one of those rare businesses that are so well versed and crazy about what they love that they'll search for the best outlet for that love. What they love is the Web and the outlets are their clients, students, and fellow colleagues.

Avatar of Ben Dunkle Ben DunkleField 2 Design

I’ve worked with Gray Ghost Visuals on a number of projects, and find the depths they travel to understand and solve problems is second-to-none. Its not often you see a development company who has both the focus and determination to dive in and fully understand the why and the how.

Avatar of Andy Staple Andy StapleStaple Web Design