About Theron Studios

We are a digital creative agency specializing in mobile. We are a small team of giants that believes in helping companies grow their brand by using innovative strategies & beautiful designs. Our passion is to help clients build amazing experiences for their customers. At the heart of what we do, the reason why we wake up, and the goal of our company is to create.

WATH Project

Interface development and design handoff for We Are The Hits.

Using Jekyll and Bootstrap the interface for WATH required an easy handoff to a third party team with the intentions of integrating into Angular. Bootstrap and jQuery were requested for the convenience of additional developers to understand and manage the code base.

Account Page Design


All page designs were created with Sketch and used for reference towards development. Scope requirements were discussed through an informal and short Q&A session, and documented with Evernote. Any development updates requiring review were pushed to GitHub to preview first hand.

See the Pen Custom ChartJS Gradient by GRAY GHOST (@grayghostvisuals) on CodePen.

View the live demo on CodePen

A custom chart was created using Canvas as the foundation, and the techniques for building this component are also documented on our personal blog “Creating A Custom Graph And Gradient With ChartJS.”

Bootstrap was required in order for additional developers to possess a trusted guide for any future changes/additions. Device testing was completed with Xcode simulator for iOS and Browserstack for additional support checks. Jekyll was also used for creating template structure as the foundation for the template handoff drafts.

Final Results

Uploads Dashboard Design: Large
Uploads Dashboard Design: iPhone