About Faithmade

Easy-to-manage websites for non-profits and churches. With a powerful drag-and-drop page manager, Faithmade is the easiest website tool for your organization.

Project Request

Chris Wallace, partner & technology director at LiftUX requested a handwritten effect using a vector pre-designed by their in-house design team. The goal was to create a handwritten effect of this logo as if a pen was writing the logo out in real-time.

Home Page Design


The artwork required a small bit of time to allow for organization to ensure paths, strokes were moving the right direction. Each path had to be checked to ensure the writing effect would follow the correct direction of writing.

Group organization and path checks using Adobe Illustrator

Final Product

Once the mechanics were in place and motions fine-tuned the result is beautiful and timeless plus supported on a wide range of browsers with wonderful performance.

View the live demo on CodePen